Bonds/Debenture Details

Issuer Details

Issuer Name: IFCI LIMITED   Issuer Former Name:
Corporate Identity Number(CIN): L74899DL1993PLC053677    
Type of Issuer Based on Ownership: Non PSU   Type of Issuer - Nature: NBFC
Registered Office Address of Issuer: IFCI TOWER, 61, NEHRU PLACE, NEW DELHI - 110 019   Business Sector: Finance
Name of the Compliance Officer/Company Secretary:    

Instrument details

Instrument Description (Long): 8.5% Unsecured Non Convertible LONG TERM INFRASTRUCTURE BONDS. Letter of Allotment. Series - V Option - I . Date of Maturity : 31/03/2024
Instrument Description(short): IFCI LIMITED SRV OP-I 8.5BD 31MR24 FVRS5000 LOA UPTO17JL12
ISIN: INE039A09OU2  
Type of Instrument: Bonds   Face Value (per instrument):: 5000
Whether Secured or Unsecured: Unsecured   Coupon Basis: Fixed Interest
Whether Guaranteed or Partially Guaranteed:   Coupon Rate: 8.50%
      Details of Variable Coupon Rate: -
Seniority in Repayment:   Day Count Convention: Actual/actual
Whether tax free: No   Mode of Issue:
If Tax free - Section of The Income Tax Act,1961:     Issue price (per instrument): 10605
    Issue Size (in Crores): 77.727
Series (if any): Series-V- Option- I (Infra Bonds)   Total Allotment Quantity: 155454
Whether bonds/debentures fall under Infrastructure category as per Government notification: Yes   Date of Allotment: 12-Apr-2012
    Tenure of the instrument at the time of Issuance:
Year :
Months :
Days :
    Frequency of Interest Payment with specified dates: ON MATURITY
Scheduled Opening Date:   Put Option with specified dates: 31ST MARCH 2017/2019
Scheduled Closing Date:   Call Option with specified dates:
Actual Closing Date:   Redemption Date/Last Conversion Date: 31-Mar-2024
      Defaulted in Redemption: Not Applicable
If guaranteed, provide complete details regarding the Guarantee:   Redemption Premium Details:
Step up / Step down coupon basis:   Step up / Step down details:
Indicate whether Put option will be exercised at Discount/Premium/Par:   Put option details:
Indicate whether Call option will be exercised at Discount/Premium/Par:   Call option details:
Whether Debentures/Bonds are perpetual in nature: No   Indicate whether the instrument is rated:
Type of Convertibility - A: Non Convertible   Convertibility details:
Type of Convertibility - B:   Coupon Type:
Compounding Frequency Details:   If secured, provide complete details regarding the assets secured/ Hypothecated/Mortgaged etc.:
Credit rating Details
Credit Rating Agency Name Rating Date of Credit Rating Date of Rating Change
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Sr. No. Credit Rating Agency Name Rating Date of Credit Rating Verification Status
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Arranger/Lead Manager Details
Arranger Details
Sr. No. Arranger Contact Person Registered Office Address Phone No. Fax Email
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Lead Manager Details
Sr. No. Lead Manager Contact Person Registered Office Address Phone No. Fax Email
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Stock Exchange Details
Sr. No. Name of the Stock Exchange Listed/Unlisted/To be listed Date of listing Annual report Term Sheet
1 BSE Listed 18-May-2012
Redemption Details
Type of Redemption Indication of Put/Call for Partial redemption Details of Partial Redemption
Partial Redemption By Quantity - -
Partial Redemption
Sr. No. Partial Redemption Date Face Value Redemption Quantity Redemption Redemption Basis
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Partial Redeemed
Redemption Method Partial Redemption Date Value Redeemed Quantity Redemption Redemption Reason
Total 0 13791
Quantity 26-Mar-2019 0 13791 Buyback
Net Quantity: 141663
Debenture Trustee Details
Sr. No. Name of Debenture Trustee Address Contact Details Website Address
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Debenture Trustee Default Details
Sr. No. Nature of Issue Issue Size Due Date of Interest Due Date of Redemption Default Details Actual Payment Date and Details
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Registrar Details
Registrar Address of Registrar Contact Person Phone No. Fax Email
KFIN TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED Plot No. 17-24, Vittal rao Nagar,Madhapur,Hyderabad500 081 Mr. Amit Verma 040-23420818 040-23420814; ;